Improve your workflow

Multi user support

Have a pentest team or a group a friends? They can all have accounts so you can determine who is cracking what and when.

hashcat control

Run any hashcat command that you'd normally would via command line. The UI allows control of the most commonly used switches.


This was one of the founding features. As pentesters we need to report on real-world metrics for our clients. Hashview professional looking analytics for your reports.

Time saving automation

Make one hashcat task and reuse it against any type of hash. Predefined tasks can be applied to any job.

Job queuing

Queue up jobs so you increase the duty cycle of your password cracker.

Retro actively crack hashes

Had a bunch of hashes you weren't able to crack from a previous client? Hashview always checks your old uncracked hashes whenever a new hash has cracked, and sets the older hashes to cracked.


Search your whole database by hash, username or plain text password.


Email notifications when your crack jobs have completed. You can easy turn this into sms notifications too!