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October 21, 2022 / by Hans

New release - 0.8.0

Haview v0.8.0 is HERE!

It has been a long time since the project received any updates, and for that we apologies. However, we hope you’ll agree that it was worth the wait as this most recent release comes chalk full of new features and quality of life improvements. But before we get into that, for those who are not familiar with the product and its goal let me explain.

Hashview was born out of the need to manage the shared resources over several password cracking rigs. The developers and its users needed the ability to queue repeatable password recovery methodologies for hashes found during engagements. From that, things like queue control, analytics and recovery insights followed. If you’re interested in an overview of what hashview is, and how it works, check out this video here.

Originally hashview was written in ruby and was a bear to maintain and troubleshoot. Consequently, the entire codebase was rewritten in python/flask, an effort that took several months to complete. Along the way, several efficiencies were unlocked, and new features were added. Listed below are some of those new features.

New features in v0.8.0

  • Complete rewrite from ruby to python! Long story short we heard from many of our users that they wanted to contribute but only knew python. Plus, older versions of Hashview suffered from performance issues that we simply did not know how to troubleshoot as we’re frankly not Ruby Experts.
  • User Roles: Now hashview supports two basic roles, user and administrator. All hashfiles, rules, wordlists, jobs and tasks are assigned to a user and only the owner or an admin is permitted to modify or remove them.
  • Data Retention: If your organization makes use of a data retention policy (and it should). Hashview now supports the ability to automatically cull any client related data from the database. Note: hash to plaintext associations are retained, but customer related info like usernames are removed.
  • Temporary File Cleanup: Like data retention, the new version of hashview supports the automatic and manually initiated cleanup of temporally generated files.
  • Notifications: When uploading a hash file, you can now mark specific hashes that is important and be notified (via email or pushover) whenever it cracks. Also, you can be notified when your job completes.
  • Hashview-Agent is now packaged with the server: Before we had two separate repositories one for the server and one for the agent. The two are now combined and as an admin you can download the agent from the agent’s menu
  • Analytics: Now all portlets / graphs in the analytics page are downloadable.
  • Password Resets: Users now can reset their own passwords if they forget them.

Upgrading from v0.7.4 to v0.8.0

Unfortunately migrating from v7.4 is not easy. Best option would be to start over with a fresh install. However, if you really want to try, instructions to do so can be found here.

Anyways, that’s it for now. Be sure to use the Issues page to report any problems or request features.